The benefits of having a well fit set of dentures

The benefits of having a well fit set of dentures

Whenever people think of dentures they think of an 80 year old granny that takes her teeth out every night and puts them in a glass beside her bed.

Contrary to popular belief, dentures aren’t just for the old that are losing their teeth. Many hockey players even have them. So what kind of benefits do you get from having dentures?

  1. Dentures help keep facial muscles from sagging, which can make a person look older.
  2. You will be able to eat and speak – something people often take for granted until they begin to lose their natural teeth. If you have had problems with your natural teeth for some time, you may have already had problems eating foods you want.
  3. You will be able to smile confidently.
    We have all seen older people with no teeth whose faces look a little sunken in. Dentures really change your appearance when applied properly.

Can I get just any old set of dentures and call it a day?

NO! Your teeth are some of the most important parts of the human anatomy so you will want to make sure your dentures fit properly. This is one area that you won’t want to skimp on. Using dentures that aren’t properly fit can result in sores in the mouth, irritation of the gums, and changes in the bone or gum tissue.

Dr. Paul Conrad at Conrad Denture clinic will ensure that your new dentures are properly fit and that you won’t have any irritation of the mouth.

Will your eating habits have to change in order to accommodate?

There are very few restrictions if you have a great fitting pair of dentures. However if you have troubles eating food that you are supposed to be able to eat without issue, go ahead and contact your denturist in St. Thomas.

An alternative to dentures would be dental veneers. Dental veneers are great if you can afford them. But if you are on a budget, it’s best to go with a good old set of well fitted dentures.